​A childhood filled with abuse and despair transforms an innocent girl into a bitter, skeptical young woman. From the Soul the Spirit Speaks follows the inspiring journey through her next metamorphosis into a woman brimming with love and compassion.

British Aaliyah shares her painful memories of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse in the hope it will help other survivors know they are not alone. Four-year-old Aaliyah is left in the care of her maternal grandmother after her biological mother's untimely death. Instead of finding comfort or a proper home, she is subject to unspeakable terror. Her hatred and resentment, however, eventually give way to restoration and forgiveness as Aaliyah forges a relationship with the one who has the power to heal all wounds: God.

Through her discovery of God's love and her devotion to writing, Aaliyah is able to put the pieces of her life back together and find her own version of peace. Even when her faith and progress are later put to the ultimate test, Aaliyah refuses to be a victim. Instead, she offers hope and encouragement to anyone who has seen the face of evil and survived.

"From the Soul the Spirit Speaks"

The highly anticipated release