Spending time

with your soul,

connects you,

to your soul's Creator.-BA

​Learning the importance of spending time with yourself, beyond yourself, is the greatest gift to yourself. Spending time with yourself allows you to identify with your feelings. Spending time beyond yourself, helps you to get out of your feelings. The more time we give to ourselves, the deeper we get to know our soul. Knowing our soul then becomes reflections of our soul’s Creator. 

The world is a gallery of basic commonalities. You are a unique, unparalleled being. The challenge is to be deeply rooted in who you are. Possessing the ability to know and understand that the events of your past, seduce the refinement of your future. Many choose to forget their former days, yet they leave an influential fragment of themselves behind. The outcome of residing in your past results in being stranded. The reward of living out your previous struggles is affluential. Strength is gained through our times of adversity. Courage is found through our perseverance. The recognition that enduring tough times leads us to a flourishing future can aid us through them.
The ugliness of your past does not define the beauty of your destiny; it enhances it. 

Rescue Me

Beauty is in the Eye of Destiny

The Beauty of Brokenness

Who we are and our journey ahead, would not be as beautiful without the pain of our past. The beauty of life is the art of brokenness. We become refined as we go through the process of forgiveness. We become polished as we go through the process of healing. We become exquisite through restoration.

The Author of, "From the Soul the Spirit Speaks", shares her journey of pain, forgiveness, and redemption.

Author British Aaliyah has made an immeasurable impact on women from all walks of life through her ministry, The Beauty of Brokenness. She has gained recognition for the depths and candor of her poetic voice as well as her wit to empower and inspire. Her lyrical artistry derives from a personal journey of genuine, relatable, human emotions. 

 A childhood filled with abuse and despair transforms an innocent girl into a bitter, skeptical young woman. From the Soul the Spirit Speaks follows the inspiring journey through her next metamorphosis into a woman brimming with love and compassion.
British Aaliyah shares her painful memories of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse in the hope it will help other survivors know they are not alone. Her hatred and resentment eventually give way to restoration and forgiveness as Aaliyah forges a relationship with the one who has the power to heal all wounds: God.

 Through her discovery of God's love and her devotion to writing, Aaliyah is able to find her own version of peace. Even when her faith and progress are later put to the ultimate test, Aaliyah refuses to be a victim. Instead, she offers hope and encouragement to anyone who has seen the face of evil and survived.

British Aaliyah uses lyrical artistry to speak of faith, inspiration, beauty, abuse, and destiny. Samples of topics are briefly described below.